"The best lesson learned is that improving
the car to increase performance is
secondary to improving the driver"

– Jim Adelman, PCA Connecticut Valley Region

As a professional driving coach with more than 40 years’ experience, I have been successfully proving this philosophy with drivers all over the world.

The experience of driving at the limits of a well-sorted car, street or race, is attainable only after properly sorting the driver.

There are many avenues to improving one’s driving. You can try self-analysis, or observing other drivers trackside, or attending a reputable racing school, watching video or using data analysis, all of which work to a greater or lesser extent. However all of these approaches depend on your innate ability to absorb, process and apply the information.

But nothing - nothing - reveals better or faster the issues holding you back than quality in-car coaching.

Having a highly qualified professional sitting next to you is absolutely the quickest and easiest way to safely improve your overall driving and subsequently your lap times.



You will see and feel the difference from my instruction the first time you get in the car. I communicate instant adjustments, and change your perception of what is possible by demonstrating your car’s full capabilities in front of your own eyes.

I often hear from drivers – who’ve spent a ton of money on power, handling and telemetry improvements – how disappointed they are in the marginal gains. For the same and even less money you plan to spend, or have already spent, you will find incomparable value with my in-car coaching service.

I guarantee that with my coaching, you will improve your fundamentals dramatically, and become a safer, faster, more talented driver.